Student Spotlight

Aralis Hillsman

Verbal Blend has allowed me to become a more comfortable poet in public as well as guiding me the right direction towards forms I’ve never been exposed too. Thanks to this program I have become a more intuitive writer and sincerely comfortable in the craft.

Aralis Hillsman
Psychology / The College of Arts and Sciences

Poets Learning Community

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The Poets Learning Community brings together student poets interested in telling, writing, publishing, and performing their diverse stories through spoken-word poetry, hip-hop, and slams. Through a series of Verbal Blend workshops, interactions with nationally recognized poets, and a trip to the Harriet Tubman House students will engage, entertain, and affect campus and community with their poetry. Students in the learning community will be mentored by upper-class students in the Verbal Blend poetry program.

  • Open to undergraduate SU students.
  • There is no course requirement for this learning community.
  • The Poets Learning Community is located in Boland Hall 5th floor for the 2010-2011 academic year.
Community Goals:
  • Provide a safe environment for poets to share their diverse stories, write and perform original poetry.
  • Provide programs geared towards bringing awareness to spoken-word poetry, slams and hip-hop.
  • Provide engagement, entertainment and awareness of spoken-word poetry, hip-hop and slams
Learning Community Programs:
  • “Get on the Bus for Poetry” an open mic on a charter bus through the Connective Corridor to Harriet Tubman Home.
  • “MESH” a literary journal for poets to publish their poems.
  • National visiting poet for 1 to 2 weeks and workshop with the students.
  • Six week workshop with Verbal Blend Poetry Program from the Office of Multicultural Affairs
  • The LC students will research trends that are changing the climate of poetry and design a conference entitled: “what it means to be a spoken-word poet/ hip-hop artist in the 21st Century.”