Student Spotlight

Tanesha Beckford

As a first year student, the WellsLink program helped to build my confidence and gave me the drive necessary for success. I became more goal-oriented and was able to set high standards for myself, because I knew that someone else here in OMA believed in me. The stable support system in OMA gives you the extra boost you need to stay motivated and set goal beyond societal limitations. My social and academic success in college would not have been possible without the support of my WellsLink family.

Tanesha Beckford
Biology/Pre-med / College of Arts and Sciences

Student Spotlight

Taylor Arias

I've learned that with only such a small amount of time, there can be much growth. I feel that Dimensions has pushed me to grow as a young woman and to acknowledge that growth.

Taylor Arias
English / College of Arts and Sciences

Student Spotlight

Brandon Payano

MEN has opened me up to different people. It has made me realize there are more people on this campus who have other stories and backgrounds that are not similar to mine. I met tons of new people through MEN, who are all headed in a strong direction in terms of their education and their goals. It’s just really cool to have a program like this that allows for this kind of space to be made. We talk about things in here that we really don’t talk about outside in public. It has been a great private space.

Brandon Payano
Education and Sociology / School of Education and College of Arts and Sciences

OMA Programs

The WellsLink Leadership Program

Wellslink logo

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The WellsLink Leadership Program is the premiere academic and leadership excellence experience at Syracuse University. The nationally award winning program engages first-year students in a comprehensive curriculum designed to enhance students' development in 6 critical areas: ethnic/racial peer attachment; social engagement; worth and competence; reliable alliances; guidance; and leadership opportunities.

fullCIRCLE Mentoring Program

fullCIRCLE Mentoring

fullCIRCLE is a sustainable, multilayered program designed to assist students in effectively adjusting to the different challenges of college life, including those that are academic, social, professional and personal in nature, with the goal of retention. The program serves first-year and upper-class students with an emphasis on Black/African American, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latin@ American, and Indigenous/Native American students. fullCIRCLE promotes academic success, personal development, campus leadership and civic engagement.


Dimensions Logo

To create an environment where women of color, through mutual support, may be empowered to engage in dialogue on issues pertinent to women of color. To develop leadership and professional skills that will allow women of color to influence their communities locally, nationally and globally. Dimensions endeavors to create a place where women of color feel comfortable and included in the Syracuse University and larger Syracuse communities. First year students will be assisted by Dimensions mentors during the difficult transition to the diversity of campus life and activities. Members will have opportunities to enlarge their awareness on global issues that impact women from diverse cultural backgrounds and to engage in dialogue and projects that will influence the well-being of these communities of women.  For more information, please contact Office of Multicultural Affairs at 315-443-9676.


Multicultural Living Learning Community

Multiculture living learning community Logo

The Multicultural Living Learning Community (MLLC) is the only community of its kind on campus where a racially and ethnically diverse community is intentionally created so residents may live and learn in a multicultural environment.

Native Student Program

Native Student Program Logo

The Native Student Program is a multifaceted educational program designed to support the holistic success of native students at Syracuse University.

NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program


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Syracuse University's chapter of the NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program is committed to the vision of increasing the presence of historically underrepresented populations employed in student affairs and higher education. It includes a unique curriculum that introduces students to the history, practice, and future of working in higher education, as well as opportunities to develop mentorships with faculty and professional staff.

Irma Almirall-Padamsee La Fuerza Community Enhancement Award

La Fuerza

The annual La Fuerza Community Enhancement Award was established in April of 1994. During the 2002 award ceremony it was renamed after its founder Irma Almirall-Padamsee, former Associate Dean of Student Relations/Director Office of Multicultural Affairs at Syracuse University. Irma Almirall-Padamsee conceived the award to recognize the graduates who were dedicated to bridging communication among the many diverse groups of Syracuse University. The Irma Almirall-Padamsee La Fuerza Community Enhancement Award is in recognition of exemplary individuals for their outstanding contributions and commitment to diversity. These individuals have used their energy, spirit and leadership in initiating and implementing actions that help our campus community move beyond tolerance and create dialogue among people from diverse cultural groups including race, socioeconomic status, sex, age, (dis) ability, sexual orientation, religion and have forged meaningful bridges across identities on the Syracuse University campus.

Conversations about Race and Ethnicity (C.A.R.E.)

A six week intergroup dialogue program that takes place in SU's residence halls. CARE brings together small groups of interested students to exchange views that result in greater awareness about issues and experiences across diverse cultural, ethnic, and racial groups. Participants meet once a week (two hours) with two qualified facilitators to share personal stories focusing on race and ethnicity. Selected readings and activities serve to enhance students' understanding of these issues in broader society.

Multicultural Empowerment Network

M.E.N. Logo

The Multicultural Empowerment Network (M.E.N.) aims to develop personal excellence while exploring cultural masculinities and responsibilities; explore the similarities and differences among communities of color in the struggle for equality; interrogate the impact of racism and the existence of patriarchy, sexism and heterosexism within communities of color, and explore methods that diminish and eradicate these forms of oppression; empower African American, Latino, Asian Pacific American, and Native collegiate men to be leaders in partnership with women for their communities.

Celebratory Months

The Office of Multicultural Affairs leads the University in coordinating 4 cultural celebratory months: Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, Black History Month, Latino Heritage Month, and Native Heritage Month. Individual departments, programs, and organizations interested in advertsing their events on the OMA celebratory month calendar can submit a Celebratory Month Event Submission Form.

Verbal Blend

Verbal Blend Logo

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Verbal Blend is a spoken-word poetry program designed to enhance students' confidence in writing and performing original poems. The program comprises of a seven-week workshop series on poetry forms and formats, journal entry, and peer-reviews. Students get the opportunity to showcase their work at public venues such as open mic nights.

Poets Learning Community

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The Poets Learning Community brings together student poets interested in telling, writing, publishing, and performing their diverse stories through spoken-word poetry, hip-hop, and slams. Through a series of Verbal Blend workshops, interactions with nationally recognized poets, and a trip to the Harriet Tubman House students will engage, entertain, and affect campus and community with their poetry. Students in the learning community will be mentored by upper-class students in the Verbal Blend poetry program.