Faculty/Staff Spotlight

Mitch Sartin

Serving as a staff mentor has been very rewarding for me, as I have learned a lot from my mentee. That said, witnessing my mentee flourish has been the most enjoyable part of my experience.

Mitch Sartin
Assistant Director, Counseling Center

fullCIRCLE Mentoring Program


Faculty/Staff Mentors

Program Overview

Faculty and staff work with a small number of students as a mentor, offering guidance, consistent support and serving as a positive role model—critical factors in the mentee’s retention and overall success at SU. Mentors encourage skill development in the areas of leadership, programming, facilitation, communication, and collaboration; support academic success, career exploration and intercultural exchange.

Mentor Goals

  1. To provide academic resources and connections outside of the classroom
  2. To be a role model who shares personal and professional growth
  3.  To guide students through their academic, social and cultural journey

Mentor Responsibilities

  1. Attend a summer training session and periodic trainings through the semester (details on date/time will be provided at a later date)
  2. Make bi-weekly contact with mentees through personal meetings, events, phone, email, social media, office hours, etc.
  3. Provide University resources to mentees and connect them to people and offices that can support their individual needs


fullCIRCLE mentors should have a good understanding of the mission and work of the Office of Multicultural Affairs; be familiar with campus resources; care about the issues that affect students of marginalized communities; and work with students in intentional ways to be successful on campus.


fullCIRCLE is unable to provide monetary compensation to mentors for their time; however, mentors will be recognized for their efforts through banquets, dinners and public events. Limited funding will be available to mentors for engaging mentees in cultural opportunities.

Mentoring makes the difference; become a fullCIRCLE mentor and join the fullCIRCLE family! 

How to Apply

The fullCIRCLE Faculty/Staff Mentor application process for the 2015-2016 academic year is now closed. There will be another opportunity to apply in May/June 2016 for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Mentor Resources

fullCIRCLE Family Meetings (6 Week Series) Resources