Alumni/Employer Spotlight

Jared M. Green, PE

Mentoring means the world to me. Said simply, it is taking time to guide, encourage, inspire and empower someone else to do great things. If I can allow someone else to learn from my experiences – both my successes and failures, I can put them on a learning curve that can project their trajectory towards attaining their future successes. I have found that I learn just as much about myself when mentoring others as I do when I am being mentored by someone. Indeed, mentorship is the gift that keeps giving.

Jared M. Green, PE
Langan, Senior Project Manager
B.S. Civil Engineering / College of Engineering and Computer Science, 2001

fullCIRCLE Mentoring Program


Alumni/Employer Mentors


The social and professional responsibility often felt by alumni and employers to diversify the workplace and to give back to the communities in which they exist can be met by engaging in the fullCIRCLE Mentoring Program. Employers can apply the knowledge they learn to help support students in their growth and development as professionals, as well as help their organizations gain visibility on campus and meet hiring goals. fullCIRCLE allows you to build relationships with students from historically underrepresented populations and by extension recruit talent you have had a hand in shaping.


To support the holistic development of students of color through intentional relationships with peers, faculty, staff, alumni and employers.

Program Overview

Alumni mentors participating in fullCIRCLE are making a difference for their institution by providing the SU community with the means to change lives, communities, and the world for the better. Employer mentors also help to change our students' lives for the better by supporting and fostering student growth and development as professionals. Mentors work with a small number of students, offering guidance, consistent support, and serving as a positive role model—critical factors in the mentee’s retention and overall success at SU. Mentors encourage skill development in the areas of collaboration, career exploration, and intercultural exchange.

Mentor Goals

  1. To provide career advice and best practices regarding the collegiate experience
  2. To be a role model who shares personal and professional growth
  3. To guide students through their academic, social, and cultural journey

Mentor Responsibilities

  1. Attend a training session via social media (Skype, teleconference, etc.) before the academic year begins (details on date, time, platform, and how to connect will be provided at a later date)
  2. Maintain regular contact with mentees through personal meetings, events, phone, email, social media, office hours, etc.
  3. Provide business resources to mentees and connect them to people who can support their individual and professional needs


fullCIRCLE mentors should have a good understanding of the mission and work of the Office of Multicultural Affairs; care about the issues that affect students of marginalized communities; and be willing to work with students in intentional ways to be successful on campus.


fullCIRCLE is unable to provide monetary compensation to mentors for their time. However, mentors will be recognized for their efforts through banquets, dinners, and public events. Limited funding will be available to mentors for engaging mentees in cultural opportunities.

Help our students go further than they think they can. Become a fullCIRCLE mentor! 

How to Apply

We have completed our fullCIRCLE alumni/employer mentor application process for the 2016-2017 academic year. We are not accepting fullCIRCLE alumni/employer mentor applications at this time. Any questions, please email 

Mentor Resources

fullCIRCLE Family Meetings (6 Week Series) Resources