Student Spotlight

Tatiana T. Cadet

To me, mentoring is many things. It is sharing your knowledge and experience with someone in order to make their life easier. It is providing a blueprint of the road map that you've taken to someone else following behind you in order to help them avoid the bumpy roads you may have experienced. The way fullCIRCLE has fostered a mentor for me is the way I look forward to doing for the next person.

Tatiana T. Cadet
Communications & Rhetorical Studies / College of Visual and Performing Arts

fullCIRCLE Mentoring Program


Go further than you think you can because someone believes you will.

fullCIRCLE is a sustainable, multilayered program designed to assist its participants in effectively adjusting to the different challenges of college life, including those that are academic, social, professional and personal in nature, with the goal of retention. The program serves first-year and upper-class students with an emphasis on Black/African American, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latinx American, and Indigenous/Native American students. fullCIRCLE promotes academic success, identity development, community leadership, and social responsibility.


To support the holistic development of students of color through intentional relationships with peers, faculty, staff, alumni, and employers.

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