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To address and generate awareness of issues that impact women from diverse backgrounds through a facilitated mentoring program in which women of color support each other, engage in dialogue about pertinent issues, and acquire leadership and professional development skills.

Dimensions seeks to create a place where women of color feel comfortable and included not only at the university, but also within the larger Syracuse community. Members will have opportunities to enlarge their awareness on global issues that impact women from diverse cultural backgrounds and to engage in projects that influence the well-being of these communities of women. 

Dimension Engagement Reception, '17


Dimensions is a peer-to-peer mentoring program for self-identified women of color. The program specifically designed to provide mentoring to first-year/transfer women of color by pairing up with an upperclass woman who shares similar interests, and assist them in adapting to college life. This program endeavors to create a sisterhood for its members through intentional dialogue and activities that support self-confidence, academic success, and cross-cultural engagement. Dimensions women strengthen leadership skills and their critical thinking to help support the communities they are a part of.







For more information about Dimensions Yearly Programming click here.

Members 2016-17

History (Her-Story)

The Dimensions Mentoring Program was created in 2002 in the Office of Multicultural Affairs.  During that time the climate of the university and the student leaders were primarily male. As many of the young women on campus wanted to have their voices heard, they needed a forum where that could be properly formed and established.  Dimensions was created to help facilitate a space where self-identified women of color could transition through college with a support network. The program focuses on pairing first year and transfer students with upperclass women with whom they form bonds, sisterhood, obtain academic and professional resources and learn to address the issues that face their communities.  The upperclass women are students chosen to mentor who maintain good academic standing and are successful leaders both academically and socially on campus. The mentors, help to assist first-year and transfer students not only become acclimated to college life, but to flourish academically and socially, and become leaders on campus.

Over the years, the Dimensions Mentoring Program has mentored over 500 first-year women of color, many of whom return to become mentors.

Mentee Application Process

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Dimensions is sisterhood where people can come together to create an environment where women of color can support each other, engage in dialogue on issues pertinent to women of color; and acquire leadership and professional development skills.

If you have any questions I can be reached at 315-443-9676 or

Members 2016-17

Mentor Application Process

Dimensions Mentors 2017-18

Mentors are selected through an application process held in the spring semester. Recruitment spans through January and February and applications must be submitted before spring break. Once completed, applications are submitted, the applicants go through interviews followed by decision letters. 

Once accepted as a Dimensions mentor, a mandatory retreat is required as part of training. The training involves an in-depth analysis of their lifestyle, specifically via exercises that push mentors to critically reflect upon their lives, culture and understanding of people and themselves. Additionally, various training exercises and modules are used to gain a better understanding of what it means to be a mentor and how to specifically mentor a first-year student.

All interested applicants are encouraged to apply, including rising sophmores. Mentor ONLINE applications are available here or click here to download the form.

Meet the Mentors

School: College of Arts & Sciences
Major:  Forensic Science & Chemistry
Student Orgs: NAACP, I Am That Girl, African Student Union, and of course Dimensions

Hi y’all! I’m Volda, a sophomore Forensic Science and Chemistry integrated learning major in the College of Arts & Sciences from Virginia. I joined Dimensions last year as a mentee, and came back this year to be a mentor. I’m secretary of both the NAACP, and I Am That Girl SU, and also am an active member of the African Student Union. When I’m not in class or an org meeting, I’m really into social activism and spend a lot of my time reading and learning about social justice issues. I’m super excited for everything Dimensions has planned for this year, and I can’t wait to meet my mentee! 😊

My name is Tairrah Contee and I am in the Falk College of Sports and Human Dynamics. My major is Child and Family Studies and I am from Washington,DC. The only organization I am apart of is Dimensions but I am looking forward to joining other organizations on campus. The reason that I decided to join Dimensions is because I want to be a mentor because I like to be there for anyone who needs someone.My favorite thing to do is to chill with my friends and go out and have fun. I also like to play sports. 
Ramata Diaby
Major: Sociology Major
Student Organizations:  SCPS Student Center & Programming Services (RBO, ETS & Shift Manager, Fashions Conscience
Hometown: Bronx, NY
I am a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences. I have been at Syracuse for two years as I originally transferred from a private school located in  Massachusetts. I am a sociology major but also have an associates in media studies and communications. I am originally from Harlem but live in the Bronx, New York City. I love all types of food especially Mexican, I believe my infatuation for all types of Hispanic food evolved because I attended school in Spanish Harlem for as long as I could remember. I love watching Netflix. I speak three languages, French, Mandingo, and English. My parents are originally from the Ivory Coast a small country in West Africa, which furthers explain why I am tri-lingual.  I have two younger siblings.  This summer I interned with a company called Creditflux. Creditflux is a leading information source globally for CLOs, structured credit, loans and hedge funds.
Fun fact:  This will be my first year as a mentor for Dimensions and I am excited to start this new journey with you all.

Major (B.S): Information Management and Technology | School of Information Studies
Marketing Minor | Whitman School of Management

Hi everyone, my name is Chelsie Jones from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I am a junior in the iSchool, Information Management and Technology major with a minor in both marketing and real estate. I am a part of Straighten Your Crown Mentoring Program, Women in Technology, Blists and the University Conduct Board. This year i’m looking forward to getting my CAPM certification and hopefully, my real estate license before I graduate. I’m rarely seen on campus but i’m always at the iSchool. I went abroad this past Summer to Europe so if you have any questions about going abroad, let me know. I love shopping, cooking, and eating so if you ever want a meal hit me up!  


Major: Sociology with Accounting minor
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Year: Junior

Student Organizations: Caribbean Students Association.
Fun fact: has one dimple

School: College of Visual and Performing Arts
Major: Communications and Rhetorical Studies
Student Organizations: National Association of Black Journalists, The Honor Role

Kamey Gomez (self-proclaimed as "KLO") is an alchemist. A host and celebrity correspondent from Spanish Harlem, New York City, Kamey has starred on Revolt TV, WebMD and BET. She actively works to create a world in which people from even the harshest circumstances can attain their wildest dreams, all while communicating stories of inspiration through her passion of public speaking. With a love for the superstar, Jennifer Lopez -- Kamey, self-proclaimed as "KLO" -- promises herself to complete everything she does with class, hard work, taste, and integrity. On her free time, she enjoys shopping, watching Being Mary Jane, traveling, and making Snapchat videos using the flower crown filter. To see for yourself, add her on Snapchat or Instagram @kameygomez.

School: College of Arts and Sciences
Major: Psychology and Forensic Science
Student Organizations: Dimensions Mentoring Program Intern, J.U.M.P Mentor and Psychology Research Assistant

My name is Tatiana Hernandez-Mitchell and I am a Sophomore majoring in Psychology and Forensic Science. I am from Hackensack, New Jersey. I am the oldest of four younger siblings (three sisters and one brother). I am an Our Time Has Come Scholar. My favorite hobbies are playing basketball, singing, and shopping.


 Hi, i’m Jordyn Hill and I am from Washington, D.C. I am a sophomore in Falk College. I am undeclared but, I will soon be a social work major. I decided to pursue a career in social work because I have a passion for helping others. I love to eat, watch movies, and hang out with a host of friends.

Major: Broadcast Digital Journalism & Political Science
Orgs/Participation: President of National Association of Black Journalist Dimensions Mentor Say Yes To Education Tutor Previous Victoria Secret Pink Campus Rep

David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics
Major: Public Health
Minor:  Information Management and Technology
Student Organizations:  First Vice President of S.Y.M.B.A.L.S., Syracuse University Athletics Marketing Intern

Kelli Miller is a Junior from Atlanta, GA majoring in Public Health. She has hopes of going on to pursue her Masters degree in Healthcare Administration or Epidemiology after she graduates to eventually become a Hospital Administrator or Infectious Disease Epidemiologist.

School: Maxwell & College of Arts & Sciences
Major: International Relations
Student Organizations:  Amnesty Int'l Entrepreneurship Club

Hello Everyone! My name is Phebe and I am from Queens, NY. I am a senior majoring in international relations. Coming from the innercity, lots of people thought I was not going to make it. People were actually surprised that I graduated from community college and earned an associates degree in liberal arts.  I think it's important to believe in yourself and  keep grinding and never let anyone or anything stop you from achieving your goals. Anything is possible never give up and always plan ahead. Take advantage of all the opportunities SU has to offer



My name is Nadia. I am a Junior in the Newhouse School of Public Communications majoring in Magazine Journalism. I also have a minor in Political Science and am a member of the Fashion and Beauty Communications Milestone. I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am a part of two dance organizations Otto's Empire Belly Dance Troupe and Orange Pulse Dance Troupe. I am also on the Executive board of Renegade, Zipped, and Equal Time Magazines. Things I love include red velvet cupcakes, lipstick, and promoting social justice. In my free time I love to watch TV and one of my current favorite shows is Insecure!