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To address and generate awareness of issues that impact women from diverse backgrounds through a facilitated mentoring program in which women of color support each other, engage in dialogue about pertinent issues, and acquire leadership and professional development skills.

Dimensions seeks to create a place where women of color feel comfortable and included not only at the university, but also within the larger Syracuse community. Members will have opportunities to enlarge their awareness on global issues that impact women from diverse cultural backgrounds and to engage in projects that influence the well-being of these communities of women. 

Members 2016-17

  1. About

    Dimensions is a peer-to-peer mentoring program for self-identified women of color. The program specifically designed to provide mentoring to first-year/transfer women of color by pairing up with an upperclass woman who shares similar interests, and assist them in adapting to college life. This program endeavors to create a sisterhood for its members through intentional dialogue and activities that support self-confidence, academic success, and cross-cultural engagement. Dimensions women strengthen leadership skills and their critical thinking to help support the communities they are a part of.







    For more information about Dimensions Yearly Programming click here.

    Members 2016-17

  2. History (Her-Story)

    The Dimensions Mentoring Program was created in 2002 in the Office of Multicultural Affairs.  During that time the climate of the university and the student leaders were primarily male. As many of the young women on campus wanted to have their voices heard, they needed a forum where that could be properly formed and established.  Dimensions was created to help facilitate a space where self-identified women of color could transition through college with a support network. The program focuses on pairing first year and transfer students with upperclass women with whom they form bonds, sisterhood, obtain academic and professional resources and learn to address the issues that face their communities.  The upperclass women are students chosen to mentor who maintain good academic standing and are successful leaders both academically and socially on campus. The mentors, help to assist first-year and transfer students not only become acclimated to college life, but to flourish academically and socially, and become leaders on campus.

    Over the years, the Dimensions Mentoring Program has mentored over 500 first-year women of color, many of whom return to become mentors.

  3. Mentee Application Process

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    Dimensions is sisterhood where people can come together to create an environment where women of color can support each other, engage in dialogue on issues pertinent to women of color; and acquire leadership and professional development skills.

    If you have any questions I can be reached at 315-443-9676 or

    Members 2016-17

  4. Mentor Application Process

    Dimensions Mentors 2017-18

    Mentors are selected through an application process held in the spring semester. Recruitment spans through January and February and applications must be submitted before spring break. Once completed, applications are submitted, the applicants go through interviews followed by decision letters. 

    Once accepted as a Dimensions mentor, a mandatory retreat is required as part of training. The training involves an in-depth analysis of their lifestyle, specifically via exercises that push mentors to critically reflect upon their lives, culture and understanding of people and themselves. Additionally, various training exercises and modules are used to gain a better understanding of what it means to be a mentor and how to specifically mentor a first-year student.

    All interested applicants are encouraged to apply, including rising sophmores. Mentor ONLINE applications are available here or click here to download the form.

  5. Meet the Team (2016-17)

    Coordinator: Marissa L. Willingham, Program Associate for Budgets and Operations

    Graduate Assistant, Mentoring Programs: Shana Gelin, MA, NCC

    Academic Consultant: Mariel Rosario

    Intern: Saphyir Moody

    Student Mentors


    I’m a senior at Syracuse University majoring in Selected Studies in Education with a concentration in Education, Technology, and Media. I also have minors in Information Management and Technology as well as African American Studies. My professional goals include working in an urban school system as I have a strong passion for urban education and education reform and wish to work for children in and out of the classroom. During the academic year, I participate organizations across Syracuse University’s campus dedicated to the empowerment of people of color, including the NAACP, National Association for Negro Business and Professional Women's Club, Inc. (NANBPWC, Inc.), and Dimensions Mentoring Program. 

    Ndeye Kane

    Hi, my name is Ndeye Kane Diaw and I'm from Bronx, NY. I'm currently a senior in the College of Arts & Sciences majoring in Forensic Science & Psychology on the pre-med track. I wanted to be involved at SU since the moment I set foot on campus, but fear overtook me and I never had the courage to be as involved as I wanted to be. Although I'm a C-STEP scholar, an RA, and a member of Phi Delta Epsilon, the African Student Union, and the Muslim Student Union, I know I could have done more. Now during my senior year, I don't regret my experience at all but I wish I hadn’t let my fear consume me early on, because in hindsight there was nothing to be scared of in the first place. This is why I'm excited to be a Dimensions mentor. I want to help that freshman who may be going through what I went through. I want them to know that it's ok to be fearless and to be themselves. I want each one of you to go through your college experience knowing that it is yours alone, and you get to make it what you want it to be. You only get it once so make it the best it can be. I'm beyond excited to get to know you all this year.  


    I am a Sophomore Broadcast and Digital Journalism major involved in Dimensions, Say Yes to Education, NABJ, Citrus TV.

    Kessia Garnett,

    I am a Sophomore Sociology major with a minor in Management Studies. I am involved in CSA Public Relations as the organizaton’s Chair, Project GRIND, Femme Noire, and SAY YES to SAT prep. Something interesting about me? I was born in Guyana and lived there for 17 years before emmigrating to the US.

    Chelsie Jones-Edney,

    My name is Chelsie Jones-Edney from Miami Florida. I am a sophomore information management and technology major with a minor in marketing.

    Kelli Miller, 

    I am a Sophomore from Atlanta, Geogria and I am a Posse Scholar majoring in Health and Exercise Science and planning to pick up another major in Information Management & Technology.  In addition to being a Dimensions mentor, I am also the current Hydration Assistant intern for the Syracuse men's football team, as well as a Marketing intern for Syracuse University's athletic department. I enjoy all things sports, and in the future I hope to use both of my degrees working for a professional sports team.

    Saphyir Moody,

    I am a Senior Accounting major and I joined Dimensions during my freshman year and now serve as the Dimensions Intern. I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY. My passion for mentoring is exemplified through my work with Dimensions and Syracuse City School District youth. In addition to Dimenstions, I am President of Straighten Your Crown Mentoring, KPMG Campus Ambassador, and a member of the National Association of Black Accountants. As I am very entrepreneurial, I hope to open her own businesses in the near future.

    Angelina Vargas, 

    Hello everyone, my name is Angelina Vargas and I am from The Bronx, NY. My major is Selected Studies in Education and my minors are Psychology and Women and Gender Studies. Apart from Dimensions, I am currently the secretary for S.A.S.S.E., a Ronald E. McNair Scholar, a CSTEP Scholar, and an SSS Scholar. The reason I decided to mentor first-year women of color is because coming in I did not have a mentor. However, I did find extreme support in upperclassmen who were also women of color. Since then I have always looked out for incoming women of color and have been helping wirh their transitions into SU. I live for women’s empowerment and I thought it would be a great idea to be officially exercising my passions.